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Ted O'Donoghue

Zubrow Professor of Economics

Recent Updates (papers also available under Research — Work in Progress)

December 2016: A working paper is now available for “Forgetting and Heterogeneity in Task Delay: Evidence from New York City Parking-Ticket Recipients” (with Ori Heffetz and Henry Schneider).

October 2016: A working paper is now available for “Paying More for Less: Why Don’t Households in Tanzania Take Advantage of Bulk Discounts?” (with Joachim De Weerdt and Brian Dillon).

August 2016: “Estimating Risk Preferences in the Field” (with Levon Barseghyan, Francesca Molinari, and Joshua Teitelbaum) is now forthcoming at Journal of Economic Literature.


I am currently serving as Senior Associate Dean for Social Science in the College of Arts & Sciences.


Ted O’Donoghue
Department of Economics
Cornell University
482 Uris Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-7601

Email: edo1 [at]
Phone: 607-255-5108